Day 2 of GCDD Traveling to Indianapolis for a Learning Journey

Day two in Indianapolis proved to be as packed and exciting as day one. Much of today focused on how to meet the people in your community, identify their gifts and talents and then connect people to others with similar gifts and talents or similar concerns in the neighborhood. Broadway United...

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Noteworthy Entertainment by Joey Stuckey, an Award-Winning Guitarist

Each year GCDD hosts an Annual Making a Difference Appreciation Ceremony to honor the many leaders who make outstanding advocacy efforts on behalf of Georgia's disability community throughout the year. At this year's ceremony on July 21, 2011, guests were treated to a musical performance by a...

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GCDD Takes a Real Communities Learning Journey to Kalamazoo

Learning Journey to Kalamazoo The Georgia Delegation from GCDD and the Korean Coalition ventured to Kalamazoo, MI on Sunday, Nov 27th for a learning journey on inclusive youth programs. Arcadia Institute is the organization that hosted our group. They have been the driving force behind...

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