Legislative Priorities

We believe in promoting public policy that creates an integrated life within the community for Georgians with developmental disabilities, their families and all who love them.

One of the most important aspects of our system of government is that it is representative – those who make our laws represent us. But how can they represent us unless we let them know what we are thinking?

Legislative advocacy is just that – contacting a legislator, sharing your views on an issue, and asking him or her to vote a specific way on a bill. This can be done with something as easy as a phone call or letter, or by a formal meeting with the legislator or staff person. GCDD’s Public Policy Team encourages you to review our legislative agenda below to become familiar with our positions on issues important to the disability community.

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GCDD 2021 Public Policy Agenda: Disability in ALL Policy

Click each item below for more information. Download the 2021 Public Policy Agenda here.

+ Health & Wellness

We are committed to advancing sound policies that improve the overall health (physical, mental, emotional, and sexual) of people with developmental disabilities and their loved ones.

+ Housing

GCDD supports policy solutions that provide the infrastructure and funding necessary to address the shortage of accessible, affordable housing options for people with developmental disabilities.

+ Transportation

Reliable transportation options are critical to ensure people with developmental disabilities are truly included in all aspects of communities. GCDD supports policies that improve current transportation options.

+ Education

Inclusive education policies, starting with early childcare settings and continuing through postsecondary education, are necessary to assist Georgians with developmental disabilities in reaching their full potential.

+ Employment

GCDD supports Georgia's vision for a public system that funds employment supports first. We will work to advance policies that improve competitive, integrated employment options for Georgians with developmental disabilities.

+ State Budget

We believe Georgia's budget highlights our state's priorities, and GCDD strives to educate lawmakers on the importance of maintaining/increasing budget line items that impact Georgians with developmental disabilities.

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