A Public Awareness Video Series, “Voices Beyond the Mirror” – Part 6

Each week we are offering a different clip from our "Voices Beyond the Mirror" public awareness video series to spark more conversation and spread knowledge about community living and disability. Last week we highlighted a video short with a father and son reflecting on their relationship. The next video in the series features a recent college graduate who shares early impressions as a deaf child and the impact of today's ever-changing technology.

Juan Posada is a recent college graduate and he tells stories of his early school experiences and the impact technology had for people with deafness in this video.

“New technology has advanced greatly. For example, with the iPhone or smartphones I can make a call to order a pizza or get in touch with anyone that I need.” Juan Posada

GCDD created “Voices Beyond the Mirror” to mark the 40th  Anniversary of the DD Bill of Rights Act of 1971. The video series provides a thoughtful look into the everyday realities of living with different types of disabilities. The video series includes a centerpiece video, a short video of the Georgia DD Network Federal Partners reflecting on the progress made over the past 40 years and eight video shorts of personal messages from people with disabilities.

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