NOFAs (Notice of Funds Available)

The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) makes funds available to fulfill its mission in accordance with the Developmental Disabilities Assistance Act (DD Act) and its Five-Year Strategic Plan. Through its funding, GCDD works to increase the capacities and resources of public, private and nonprofit entities to develop a comprehensive community system that responds to the choices, capabilities and needs of persons with developmental disabilities and their families. The purpose of GCDD grants are to expand best practices and contribute to system-wide changes that support the rights of people with developmental disabilities and their full inclusion as community members. Recipients of GCDD grants are expected to be ongoing partners bringing about change. Find additional information about NOFAs here.

The Applicants Conference was held on Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM via Zoom

Following is a list of the grants available:

22ADM4 Inclusive Post-Secondary Allocation Formula Consultant. The purpose of this Notice of Funds Available (NoFA) is to solicit proposals to develop an equitable and adaptable funding formula for Georgia's Inclusive post-secondary education (IPSE) programs, using the State's yearly budgetary allocation.

22PR1 Manage GCDD's Communications Platforms. The purpose of this Notice of Funds Available (NoFA) is to engage the broader statewide disability community through frequent print and digital communications with people across the state by producing MAD magazine, GCDD Annual Report, email communications and managing content and maintenance for the website and MAD microsite.

22PR7 Social Media Grant. The purpose of this Notice of Funds Available (NoFA) is to create and schedule innovative and engaging social media content for our existing social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube).

22SA1 Advocates for Change Training by Self Advocates. The purpose of the Notice of Funds Available (NoFA) is to develop a comprehensive plan for the growth of self-advocacy in Georgia. Training must build the capacity of the network through the development of new leadership and the growth of self-advocates’ skills.

22SA3 Support New Leaders - Representation for All. The purpose of this Notice of Funds Available (NoFA) is to develop a robust network of young new leaders in Georgia that are ready to be involved and mentored in the disability community.

22SC1 Data and Policy Research Grants. The purpose of this Notice of Funds Available (NoFA) is solicit proposals for a collection of research projects that are established to support the collection and analysis of data that will provide Council, advocates and policymakers with objective analysis and conclusions that promote systemic change and build capacity to improve services and supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

22SC6 DSP Innovation Fund.The purpose of this Notice of Funds Available (NoFA) is to allow for the submission of innovative pilots proposals impacting the shortage of direct service professionals.

22SC8 Family Advocates Coalition. The purpose of this Notice of Funds Available (NoFA) is to build a strong coalition of family advocates within Georgia. These family advocates will build on the foundation that is already provided to help keep educating families about how to navigate the disability community.

22SC9 End 14C Coalition Subminimum Wage. The purpose of this Notice of Funds Available (NoFA) is to see an advocacy coalition develop that is meaningfully engaged in organizing at the grassroots and state levels to advocate for needed regulatory, legislative, and policy changes to ensure the phased ending of 14c in Georgia.  

Applications must be submitted online via, prior to the published deadline. No hard copies will be accepted. Applicants must have or create a DD Suite user account and an organization account in order to submit an application. Go to and click on "HELP TAB" for detailed instructions on creating DD Suite user and organization accounts.

Proposal applications must be received electronically in the DD Suite system by Midnight EST on or before the due dates listed in the above. Late submissions will not be accepted for any reason. The Work Plan must demonstrate how the proposed objectives and activities align with the reporting requirements described in the “Grantee reporting” section such as number and type of people served, and the number and type of people vaccinated as a result of the project.

Applicants must submit a completed and signed Federal W-9 with their application. Upload the form in DD Suite as an attachment. See attachment section.

There will be no debriefing for applicants who are not selected. All applicants who respond to this NOFA will be notified of the outcome of their application (awarded, application modifications requested, or denied) by email through DD Suite.

Restrictions on Communication

Applicants are restricted from communicating with GCDD staff and Council members during the competitive NoFA process (on matters concerning this NoFA). All questions concerning this NoFA must be submitted in writing by email to . Only written questions will be accepted. No response other than written will be binding upon the State.

All questions about this NoFA must be submitted in the following format:
Organization/Individual Name
1. Question
    Citation of relevant section of the NoFA
2. Question
    Citation of relevant section of the NoFA

The DD Council

The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD), is one of 56 entities of its type in the United States and territories that report to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Administration for Community Living. It is authorized under Public Law 106-402, the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act Amendments of 2000.

Our activities are governed by a 27-member board, appointed by the Governor and comprised of at least 60 percent individuals with developmental disabilities and family members. Other members include policymakers that represent various agencies and organizations having a vested interested in persons with developmental disabilities.

GCDD serves as an advocate for all persons with developmental disabilities. We are charged with creating systems change for people with developmental disabilities and their families by increasing opportunities for independence, inclusion, integration, productivity and self-determination. Activities include public policy research and analysis, reform, project demonstrations, education and training.

The GCDD is a state agency, attached to the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD) for administrative purposes.