A Public Awareness Video Series, “Voices Beyond the Mirror” – Part 10

GCDD created “Voices Beyond the Mirror” to mark the 40th  Anniversary of the DD Bill of Rights Act of 1971. The video series provides a thoughtful look into the everyday realities of living with different types of disabilities. The video series includes a centerpiece video, a short video of the Georgia DD Network Federal Partners reflecting on the progress made over the past 40 years and eight video shorts of personal messages from people with disabilities. Over the past few weeks, we have been offering a different clip from the public awareness video series to spark more conversation and spread knowledge about community living and disabilities.

The previous video clip we highlighted was the last of the personal message videos in the series and features a mother sharing her views on the need for community involvement for her daughter and other individuals with disabilities, as her daughter expresses her feelings on independent living. The last video in the series that we will feature centers around the Georgia DD Network Federal partners sharing on the accomplishments made over the past 40 years and the changes that still need to come.

The Federal Partners featured in this video include:

Dr. Daniel Crimmins, Center for Leadership and Disability, Georgia State University

“How do we sustain the right thing? And how do we make sure it’s available to everyone who can benefit from it?” Daniel Crimmins


Ruby Moore, The Georgia Advocacy Office

“It is really time I think to hand over the reins to support people better…to have the voices heard…” Ruby Moore






Randy Grayson, GCDD Council member and Autism Society of Georgia

“Changing those hearts and minds is only going to happen one day at a time, one hard struggle at a time.” Randy Grayson




Dr. Zolinda Stoneman, Institute for Human Development and Disability, University of Georgia

“The Contrast between the mother who could not even enroll her child in school and the mother who arrives now and asks for her child to be in a regular classroom with a regular curriculum is pretty dramatic.” Zo Stoneman


Tom Seegmueller, GCDD Chair

“I think my son has opportunities ahead of him that his counterpart 40 years ago couldn’t have dreamed of.” Tom Seegmueller


Eric Jacobson, GCDD Executive Director

“The DD Act as we commonly refer to it as is the piece of legislation that created developmental disability councils across the country.” Eric Jacobson

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