Noteworthy Entertainment by Joey Stuckey, an Award-Winning Guitarist

Each year GCDD hosts an Annual Making a Difference Appreciation Ceremony to honor the many leaders who make outstanding advocacy efforts on behalf of Georgia's disability community throughout the year. At this year's ceremony on July 21, 2011, guests were treated to a musical performance by a local Georgian and award-winning guitarist, Joey Stuckey.

Stuckey captured the audience with his wit, personal journey and performance of two songs Georgia on My Mind and Truth Is A Misty Mountain, a single from his latest 2011 album, The Shadow Sound. The following is a feature on Joey Stuckey that was highlighted in an article on the Annual Appreciation Ceremony in the Fall Edition of Making a Difference magazine.

 Joey StuckeyNoteworthy Entertainment by Joey Stuckey

Joey Stuckey, known as the official ambassador of music for Macon, GA added a real sweet treat at the ceremony during the dessert hour with his musical performance. “It was truly my privilege to perform at the Appreciation Ceremony,” said Stuckey. “So many inspirational people were there who are passionate about educating the rest of the world about people like myself, who experience the universe differently.”

Stuckey lost his sight and sense of smell as a result of a brain tumor as an infant. However, he refused to dwell on the word “disability” growing up and embraced sound, not only as a way to navigate the world, but also as a way to build a future. Today he is an award-winning guitarist, vocalist, producer, sound engineer, composer, radio and TV personality, motivational speaker and educator of music at Mercer University in Macon among other things.

“My approach to music and recording is very much powered by my brain and understanding the underlying theory that goes in to the art and science of making music,” he says. “I am not distracted by anything visual, and in this way I think being blind is actually an advantage in some ways, though clearly a disadvantage in other ways … either way, it gives me a special touch when performing, teaching or  recording/producing a project.”

With a soulful sound that mixes the rocker style of Jeff Beck, jazzier Wes Montgomery and the southern influences of Gregg Allman, Stuckey gave a great performance and kept the audience entertained and laughing with stories about his personal journey, including meeting his wife of eight years, Jennifer, who he said changed his life in so many ways.

Stuckey has over five albums, has opened and worked with many of music’s legendary artists, won numerous awards and honors and continues to pursue his musical talents. For more information on Joey Stuckey and his successful music career, visit or

Click to listen to 14 Truth Is A Misty Mountain for EPK-1 the song he performed at the Annual Appreciation Ceremony.