Resources/Position Papers

As the State’s leader in advancing public policy on behalf of people with developmental disabilities, GCDD offers the following information on various topics affecting the disability community that can help you stay informed.

Current Policy Issues

Inclusive Post Secondary Education (IPSE)

Read details on fully funding the IPSE grants and making sure that all Georgians with ID have this opportunity. View our one-pager on Inclusive Post Secondary Education.

HBCS Waivers and DSP Wages

Read details on fully funding the Direct Support Professional(DSP) rate study which would come out to 107 million and also supporting 2,400 Home and Community Based Services(HBCS) waivers which is about 65 million waivers, and developing a Georgians with IDD Innovation Commission. View our one-pager on Waivers and Wages

NOW/COMP Waiver Waitlist: The Time is Now (PDF) (2024)

Georgia as A Model Employer and Ending Subminimum Wages

Read details on supporting Georgia as a Model Employer (Senate Bill 384), that would require Georgia's state agencies to set goals for the recruitment and retention of people with disabilities. Also, learn more about ending 14c (House Bill 1125), the outdated practice that allows employers at community rehabilitation programs to pay people with disabilities less than minimum wage.

View our one-pager on Georgia As a Model Employer and Ending Subminimum Wages.

Past Policy Issues

Coalition to Assure Redesign Effectiveness in Medicaid CARE-M – advocacy coalition

Useful/Historical Policy Papers