Unlock The Waiting Lists! WE NEED YOUR VOICES!

Dear Advocates and Families: Every year is challenging, and we could not do this work without the voices of people with disabilities and the friends, neighbors and family who support them to have REAL lives in the community.  We are a little more than a month away from the legislation session.  We know that the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities has asked for a budget package that supports the Department of Justice Settlement Agreement.  In addition, UNLOCK the Waiting Lists campaign will be working on some additional funds -- for supports for youth graduating from high school, for youth aging out of foster care, and more waivers for people at risk in the community.

  Please see the attached materials.  There is a one page sheet with all the budget figures, and two "bookmark" advocacy tools, one for the services for folks with developmental disabilities and one for individuals with physical disabilities (ICWP waivers, in the DCH budget).  We have met with both Commissioners, and have begun sharing this information with the Chairs of Appropriations.  Please call or write YOUR legislator, tell your story, and ask for their support.  Too many people have been waiting too long for support.

If you are not signed up for Capitol Impact through the DD Council, please go to www.gcdd.org, and click on the link "STAY CONNECTED."  You will receive the weekly legislative newsletter, "Moving Forward" which will keep you updated on all the Capitol news.

Also periodically check the Public Policy on our web page for briefs on the different issues we will be working on.

Please call or write if you need anything else to support your advocacy work.  You can reach me by e-mail at , Dave Zilles, our parent advocate for Unlock, at , and after December 12th, you can contact Anna Watson, at .

Get Ready!  It's going to be busy, and the more people who speak up, the more productive we will be!

Unlock DBHDD Budget Document PDF

Individuals with Developmental Disabilities: DBHDD Bookmark PDF

Individuals with Physical Disabilities: ICWP Bookmark PDF