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In The News - CBS46

6 years ago
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CBS46 News at 4:30am
WGCL (CBS): GA, Atlanta
March 30, 2018

a disturbing case in southwest Atlanta where he mentally challenged man is six resulted in the bathroom of a restaurant. it happened on walker's street and finding attacks with disabilities have been a whole lot more than you might think. according to the national center of victim crime, 50% more likely to become victims of violent crimes and talk to a representative on the Georgia council of developmental disabilities thing there is a way to change that in if i were neighbors know it and are looking out for it and they are being watched after, they become less because of the fact we have our neighbors looking out for us. we have people with disabilities that might be most vulnerable and the community >> they should inform others about their challenges so people can help look out for them >> . >>> . >>>