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Statewide Developmental Disabilities Council to Host Advocacy Days at The Capitol


The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) will host its Fourth Annual Advocacy Days starting January 29, 2020 during the Georgia General Assembly legislative session. Five different Advocacy Days will focus on policies affecting people with disabilities and bring together advocates from across the state to speak with elected officials about various important issues. Topics will include Gracie's Law, Inclusive Post-Secondary Education, Employment, School to Prison Pipeline and Transportation.

The scheduled days are as follows:
  • Advocacy Day #1 – January 29 – Gracie’s Law (Organ Transplant Discrimination) – Advocate for Passage of Gracie’s Law to Safeguard against Organ Transplant Discrimination for Children and Adults with Disabilities.
  • Advocacy Day #2 – February 6 – Inclusive Post-Secondary Education (IPSE) – Advocate for Inclusive College Opportunities for Students with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities.
  • Advocacy Day #3 – February 19 – Employment* – Advocate for Policies that Improve Competitive, Integrated Employment Options for Georgians with Developmental Disabilities.
  • Advocacy Day #4 – February 27 – School-to-Prison Pipeline (SToPP)* – Advocate to keep African American Males in Special Education classes from being Pushed out of School and into the Criminal Justice System.
  • Advocacy Day #5 – March 11 - Transportation* – Advocate for Reliable Transportation Options to Ensure People with Developmental Disabilities are Included in their Communities.

*Topics are subject to change.

TIME:         8 AM – 12 PM

WHERE:    Central Presbyterian Church (across the Georgia State Capitol) I 201 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30334

Visit GCDD's website for more information on the 2020 Advocacy Days.

About the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities:
The mission of GCDD is to advance social change, public policy, and innovative practices that increase opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to thrive where they live, learn, work, play, and worship in Georgia’s communities.


Hillary Hibben, Media Relations Director
Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities
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