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DD Folks Get Face Time at the Gold Dome and in Print

We saw quite a bit of DD action in and around the Capitol this week.  Our own Pat Nobbie was among those who addressed the Subcommittee on Human Resources on Wednesday.  She advocated for 1500 waivers, not the inadequate 100 that are currently budgeted.  See more details and a great summary of Wednesday’s proceedings on AADD’s blog:  (Link is no longer active)

Earlier this week, Misty Williams’ front page piece in the Atlanta Journal Constitution drew attention again to the DOJ settlement and continues the paper’s series which began in 2007, “A Hidden Shame.”  Pat is quoted in the article and stressed the vital need for community support and transitioning from institutions to the community.  See the article:  “State pumps $73 million into mental health system” here: (Link is no longer active)