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ARTS CENTER: Sing, dance, play, create

The Colquitt County Arts Center is seeking instructors who are professional artists or teachers who have experience in visual and performing arts and/or education.  We offer a variety of programs for children and adults that include drawing, painting, crafting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, stained glass, sewing and quilting, art history and appreciation, literacy and children’s art, percussion and drumming, strings and guitar, piano, theater, dance and choreography, and yoga.  The Arts Center offers programming that is grant funded by the United Way and other funding agencies, as well as programs that are fee based and funded by individual students or organizations and partnerships within our community.  

One of these programs is Open Studio for All, funded by the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities.  We are seeking instructors of all abilities, including artists with disabilities.  This is an opportunity to empower any and all artists by giving them studio space and class time to share their talents.  This program is for teens and adults over age 16.  

Another program is Arts, Books, and Children, which is funded by the United Way Community Impact Grant.  The funding for this program allows us to partner with Southwest Georgia Community Action Council, Inc. and Telamon Migrant Head Start to bring a literacy and art activity to toddlers in our local head start programs.  Instructors with this program must have experience in working with young children in reading, arts and crafts.  

Other opportunities to instruct range from after school programs with elementary age children to day camps and classes at our location as well as other locations, including our local schools.  We offer field trips for students of all ages that include visual and performing arts, as well as instruct our elderly population at many of our senior living facilities and offer classes in the evening at the Arts Center.  

There is a lot going on and a lot of talent and skills are required to keep our high quality programming.  If you have education or talent and skills in any of these areas or other artistic and creative fields, we invite you to send or drop off your resume, portfolio, and professional references.

For more information please come and see us at the Arts Center or give us a call at 985-1922.  Come and see us at your Colquitt County Arts Center- where creativity finds community.

The original article ran in the Moultrie Observer Online on 1/1/2020.