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Disability Day Rally Held at State Capitol

The following is an article from My Fox Atlanta, which features GCDD's 15th Annual Disability Day and Evan Nodvin, who introduced Governor Deal at the rally.

My Fox Atlanta, 2/21/13, Click here to read online. (This link is no longer active.)

Disability Day Rally Held at State Capitol
My Fox Atlanta

ATLANTA - One of the biggest public gatherings held each year during Georgia's General Assembly took place on Thursday at the State Capitol.

The Annual Disability Day rally is meant to draw attention to the number of people affected by a disability in Georgia, and to push legislators to consider them when making public policy.

Evan Nodvin, 33, who has Down Syndrome, introduced Governor Nathan Deal before he addressed the crowd gathered at the steps of the Capitol.

Nodvin says people still use derogatory terms about his condition.

"Sometimes I hear things in my ears, and some words I don't like to hear. The 'R' word. I don't like to hear that much," said Nodvin. He says it bothers him when he hears the word.

Nodvin works at the Weinstein Senior Adult Day Center, and has been employed with them for more than 12 years.