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Disability Advocates Rally for Work and Housing Equality - A Radio Segment

The following is from WABE FM Public Radio, which features GCDD's 15th Annual Disability Day and GCDD's new public policy director, D'Arcy Robb commented on the day's event.

WABE FM Public Radio, 2/21/13, Click here to hear it and view online.

Disability Advocates Rally for Work and Housing Equality
WABE FM Public Radio
By Michelle Wirth

A few thousand people came to the Georgia Capitol Thursday to emphasize a statewide need for community-based and support services for people with developmental disabilities.

30-year-old Christina Thomas has been searching for a job in the restaurant industry for two years.

"I'm having a hard time finding work."

Thomas has Down syndrome and has been employed at other restaurants in the past. It's something she hopes to experience again.

"I really like it, so I can be on my own, on my feet."

And those who advocate for people with developmental disabilities say they would like to see more supported employment opportunities for Georgians like Thomas.

Darcy Robb is the public policy director for Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities.

"I think it's inspiring we have this huge group of people who really want to work and the challenge is for all of is to empower them and find ways for them to go to work."

It's a goal Governor Deal says he shares. To help do that, Deal wants to replicate a program at Kennesaw State University.

"They are allowing students with disabilities to participate in classes and in educational opportunities along with students who do not have disabilities."

In addition to employment, advocates want thousands of Georgians with disabilities who are on waiting lists to receive funding for community based and support services. State officials say they've moved 900 individuals off those lists since July 1st.