Tuesdays with Tootle


 Tuesdays With Tootle
Engage with Stancil Tootle, an experienced disability advocate, and his guests in a conversation to educate yourself and the community on critical current events and disability issues. Join Tuesdays with Tootle every Tuesday at 6:30pm.

GCDD hosts and sponsors multiple events throughout the year. The events are defined by the agency’s five year strategic plan and legislative agenda.

Disclaimer/Submission Guidelines

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GCDD welcomes and encourages event submissions for our online event calendar and community calendar in our quarterly Making a Difference Magazine.

Event Submission Guidelines:
• Organizations are restricted to submitting no more than two events per month.
• Submissions must be received at least three weeks in advance of the event.
• Events must align with GCDD's mission.
• Detailed contact information is required in the event clarification is needed for a submission
• The person submitting information about the event is responsible for the accuracy of the submission.
• Fundraisers and fundraising events are prohibited.

Additional questions regarding these guidelines may be sent to .