G is for Georgia Campaign Brings Light to DD Community Across the State

g for georgia final english logo 768x432To make sure that people with developmental disabilities (DD) and their families meet the Council and learn that it serves the entire state of Georgia, GCDD is launching its virtual road tour and campaign, “G is for Georgia!”

This new campaign will highlight the DD community and GCDD’s work throughout the state of Georgia in a fun, interactive way. The goal of the campaign will be to introduce the Council to Georgians with DD across the state and educate and inform them that GCDD is a go-to resource for education, advocacy and information when it comes to what impacts people with DD.

What You Can Expect

Again, the campaign is on all of GCDD’s social media channels – you can find us on Facebook and Instagram

Leading the tour will be the official tour guide Justin Gold, a student at Georgia State University’s IDEAL program, who will introduce our audience and share with them everything they can expect on the road. 

Every Thursday, join us on our social media channels where we will be in a city near you! Visiting over 40 cities in the state, the campaign will introduce you to Council members, projects, partners, and individuals with DD who have been integral in advancing and advocating for policy for people with DD in Georgia. 

And you can be a part of the campaign too!

How You Can Participate

Throughout our road trip, we want to encourage the disability community across the state to share their story and what matters to them.

Share your story through an easy-to-use Google Form so we can hear from and meet you through our road trip. And bring your friends! You may even be featured in our campaign! 

It’s with your input and stories that we can build a better advocacy effort to serve all of Georgia. 

Check out where we've been! 

Athens, GA: Athens is the home to the Advancing Employment initiative. This initiative, funded by GCDD, raises awareness, creates connections, and educates on employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Also, Athens is home to University of Georgia, or UGA. Home of the 2023 Orange Bowl Champs….and Destination Dawgs - one of the NINE college programs for students with disabilities in the state! Go Dawgs!   

Tifton, GA: Tifton is home to the Home of Diversified Enterprises, self advocate work, and Uniting for Change Network meeting! Diversified Enterprises is committed to providing innovative and person-centered services for individuals with disabilities. They strive to provide opportunities to make contributions while establishing and maintaining relationships with the people in their community! 

Uniting for Change is another cool organization that is a statewide, grassroots network of self-advocates, allies, and supporters in Georgia that was founded in 2019. Members seek to share information, create opportunities and influence change! 

As if this wasn’t cool enough, Tifton is also the “Reading Capital of the World” and has been since 2000! Bookworms unite! 

Macon, GA: Macon is the home of Macon Treasure Maps Road Show and is the home of Council Member Nandi Isaac - wow!! Hey Nandi! 

First coming to Macon in 2021, Treasure Maps Road Show is a series of drive-in performances held in six target cities across Georgia and showcasing the story performances of 10 people from across the state with developmental disabilities. Being responsive to the social activities and safety of the general public, this project aims to engage with people in an interactive and in-person way while upholding standard social distancing practices!

Nandi Isaac is a disability advocate, Special Olympian and entrepreneur. Isaac's business Scan with Nan started with her membership in a camera club. With the help of her parents, she turned that hobby into a business. She’s been successful at restoring and digitally archiving customers' memories and important documents. GCDD is lucky to have her on the council! 

As if this wasn’t star-studded enough, Macon is also home to the Allman Brothers Band! Groovy man!

Coffee County: Our next stop on our virtual road trip we head to the great county of…drum roll please…Coffee County! 

Their Coffee Regional Medical Center is in partnership with Project Search! Project SEARCH is a job training program for students with disabilities ages 18-22. This is unique in that it is a business-led, high school-to-work transition program, serving students with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). It takes place entirely at the workplace and the goal for each student participant is competitive employment. This means employment in an integrated setting, working alongside coworkers with and without disabilities, year-round work that is not seasonal employment, 16 hours/week or more and minimum wage or higher.

The success of the nine Georgia sites in securing such employment for their interns resulted in their recognition as 100% placement sites! Woah!

Also, Coffee County is home to the Taste of Douglas Food Festival. Yummy!

....more to come! 

Meanwhile, see where we are heading next on our social media channels - you can find us on Facebook and Instagram