GCDD Announces New NoFA for Accessibility Grant - Universal Design for Learning and Plain Language

21PR6:  Accessibility Grant - Universal Design for Learning and Plain Language

The purpose of this Notice of Funds Available (NoFA) is to solicit proposals to GCDD for the creation of organizational standards around universally accessible, plain language materials.

Grant amount is $10,000. Applications for this grant are due by May 14, 2021. This notice was posted on Apr 23, 2021. The start date is June 1, 2021 and the end date is September 30, 2021.

Questions & Answers regarding the Grantdownload word doc (posted 5/7/2021)

To ensure all GCDD materials are accessible to all citizens in the state, a manual for GCDD accessible materials production will be created based upon principles of Universal Design for Learning and Plain Language (UDL/PL) by September 30, 2021.

The objective of the UDL/PL manual is to set standards for the creation of accessible documents and presentations, as well as publications in print, web-based and multi-media formats from which all audiences, inclusive of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, can benefit.

Anticipated activities include:
1. Identification of UDL/PL standards
2. Customization and publication of those standards for GCDD
3. Production of templates and other relevant content-building tools and practices
4. Production of draft manual
5. Finalization of GCDD UDL/PL manual

Schedule of Events

This Request for Proposals will be governed by the following schedule:
• April 23, 2021 RFP posted on DD Suite and GCDD Website
• May 7, 2021 Deadline for Written Questions
• May 14, 2021 Applications Due in DD Suite by 11:59 PM
• May 17-21, 2021 Application Review and Evaluation
• May 24, 2021 Finalist Notified, Notice of Intent to Award Posted
• May 24 - 27, 2021 Contract Negotiations with assigned program staff
• May 28-31, 2021 Complete Contract process (Signatures)
• June 1, 2021 Work Begins

Eligibility & Requirements

Responses to this solicitation will be accepted from any individual, organization or corporation with significant experience in the development of Universal Design for Learning and Plain Language (UDL/LP) materials.

Applications must be submitted online via https://www.ddsuite.org, prior to the published deadline. No hard copies will be accepted. Applicants must have or create a DD Suite user account and an organization account in order to submit an application. Go to https://www.ddsuite.org and click on "HELP TAB" for detailed instructions on creating DD Suite user and organization accounts.

Additional Submission Requirements:

  • At least two samples of their UDL/PL work that demonstrate expertise that will be reviewed along with the narrative application and proposed budget in DD Suite
  • Two professional references who can speak to your qualifications and experience.

There will be no debriefing for applicants who are not selected. All applicants who respond to this NOFA will be notified of the outcome of their application (awarded, application modifications requested, or denied) by email through DD Suite.

Restrictions on Communication

Applicants are restricted from communicating with GCDD staff and Council members during the competitive NoFA process (on matters concerning this NoFA).
All questions concerning this NoFA must be submitted in writing by email to .
Only written questions will be accepted. No response other than written will be binding upon the State.
All questions about this NoFA must be submitted in the following format:

Organization/Individual Name
1. Question
Citation of relevant section of the NoFA
2. Question
Citation of relevant section of the NoFA

The DD Council

The mission of the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCDD) is to bring about social and policy changes that promote opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities and their families to live, learn, work, play and worship in Georgia communities.

The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities, also known as “Georgia’s DD Council” is one of 55 entities of its type in the United States and territories that report to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Administration for Community Living. It is authorized under Public Law 106-402, the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act Amendments of 2000.

Our activities are governed by a 27-member board, appointed by the Governor and comprised of at least 60 percent individuals with developmental disabilities and family members. Other members include policymakers that represent various agencies and organizations having a vested interested in persons with developmental disabilities.

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