More Money = More Services: Say YES to a Tobacco Tax Increase!

TobaccoTaxGraphicFinalJune 23, 2020 • 10 AM - 2 PM • CALL-IN

Did you know that Georgia's tobacco tax is one of the lowest in the country? Georgia can raise $400 million simply by bringing our tobacco tax up to at least $1.00, which is still below the national average. During this time of harsh budget cuts, we need our representatives to find new ways of bringing in money to Georgia. That is why we are saying "YES" to a Tobacco Tax Increase!

More Money = More Services

Leadership in the General Assembly need to hear from you! We are asking you to contact YOUR representative and senator on Tuesday, June 23rd. Visit to find out their contact information.

Also, make sure to call and/or email:

  1. Speaker of the House, Representative David Ralston
    • Phone: (404) 656-5020
    • Email:
      • CC Spiro Amburn, Chief of Staff:
  2. Lieutenant Governor, Geoff Duncan
    • Phone: (404) 656-5030
    • Email:
      • CC John Porter, Chief of Staff:

When you reach out, make sure to:

  • Introduce yourself and let them know if you live in their district
  • Tell them why you are calling (e.g., I am calling to discuss the budgetary benefit of increasing Georgia’s tobacco tax. With this increase, supports like family support services can be saved.)
  • Tell them why this is important to you (e.g., Services for me/my family are being cut and more money equals more services, etc.)
  • Tell them what you would like them to do (e.g., I would like you to consider bringing Georgia’s tobacco tax to at least $1.00, which is still well below the national average but would bring in millions of dollars in revenue.)
  • Thank them for their time!

If you have additional questions, please email:


Spread the word via your social media channels as well on June 23. Below are a few suggested posts to help you tell your followers to support increasing Georgia’s tobacco tax.

  • Alternatives to eliminating family services exist. Georgia can raise $400 million simply by bringing our tobacco tax up to at least $1.00. #tobaccotax
  • My family relies on non-waiver supports in order to live, work and thrive in Georgia. Fund them simply by bringing our tobacco tax up to at least $1.00. #tobaccotax