Call to Action! Make Your Calls Today for Inclusive Colleges (IPSE) in Georgia

GCDD Email Call to Action 1702

As you know, the Georgia General Assembly helps financially support the nine Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Programs here in Georgia. Right now, they are working on the state budget and we need your help to make sure they understand how important Inclusive Post-Secondary Education is to Georgians like you! To do this, we are organizing a call in day for today Monday, March 11th to a few key Senators who are listed at the bottom of this alert.

Follow these steps:

  1. Ask the person who answers the phone if you can speak with someone who can pass along a message to the specific senator that you are calling.
  2. Give them your first and last name and your contact information.
  3. Explain how you are associated with Georgia’s Inclusive Post-Secondary Program. In other words, tell them if you are a student, peer mentor, family member, staff member, or even a future student?
  4. Share one or two reasons why you love your Inclusive Post-Secondary Program and why you think adding $500,000 to fund Academic Transition Teachers for Georgia’s Inclusive Programs is so important.
  5. Say “Thank You” for passing along your message.

If you think it might help, make a short script for yourself that includes all the key points you wish to make. Think of it as a kind of “cheat sheet” for when you make your call. Don’t be nervous, always be respectful, and remember to keep the call short and sweet.

Now, ready, set, let’s go advocate about why we love IPSE in Georgia!

To make it easy, we have listed below the Senators you should call and their phone numbers.

Senator Renee Unterman, 404-463-1368

Senator Dean Burke, 404-656-0040

Senator Chuck Hufstetler, 404-656-0034

Senator Greg Kirk, 404-463-5258

Senator Butch Miller, 404-656-6578

Senator Horacena Tate, 404-463-8053

Senator Ben Watson, 404-656-7880

Senator Jack Hill, 404-656-5038