TAKE ACTION TODAY: Just one more step for the Family Care Act

TAKE ACTION TODAY: Just one more step for the Family Care Act -

Governor Deal's staff will review all legislation that passed in 2017 and make a recommendation about what action the Governor should take: sign, veto or allow legislation to become law without signature. Gov. Deal has until May 9 to sign or veto bills - but please contact his office today! Please call or email Gov. Deal and ask him to sign SB 201 - the Family Care Act

There are two ways to contact Gov. Deal:


Call Governor Deal to ask that he sign the SB 201- the Family Care Act into law. 404-656-1776

You can use the following message: The Family Care Act (SB 201) will help thousands of families across Georgia balance responsibilities for loved ones without risking their job or paycheck. This bill simply allows workers to use sick time they have already earned - up to 5 days per year - to care for an immediate family member


Email Governor Deal using the Office of the Governor's email page: https://gov.georgia.gov/webform/contact-governor-domestic-form
Select 'legislation - state' from the drop down list under 'category'

Sample message:

As a resident of Georgia, I urge you to sign SB 201, the Family Care Act, into law. Sponsored by Sen Butch Miller and carried by Rep Brian Strickland in the House, this simple, common sense policy will help thousands of families across the state to balance responsibilities for caring for their loved ones without putting their jobs or income at risk.

This bill simply allows a worker who has earned sick time on their job to use up to 5 days of that time per year for the illness of an immediate family member. The bill does not require employers to change their policy - simply to allow the worker to use the time they earned for family care.

This bill won the support of more than 25 state and local organizations including the GA Council on Developmental Disabilities, Voices for Georgia's Children, the GA Partnership Against Domestic Violence, the Federation of Women's Clubs of Georgia, the State Public Affairs Committee of the Junior Leagues of Georgia and the Coalition of Advocates for Georgia's Elderly (CoAge).

Thank you for all that you do for the state of Georgia. I look forward to joining you at the signing ceremony for the Family Care Act.

We'll let you all know as soon as we have a date for the signing celebration!