Real Communities: Core Gifts Workshop with ConnectAbility

Fifteen people from all walks of life attended a Core Gifts Workshop conducted by Bruce Anderson and hosted by ConnectAbility on February 15 in Dahlonega. High school students, parents of children with disabilities, and local business owners attended the Core Gifts Workshop to deepen the conversation of discovering gifts.

The Core Gifts Workshop was started by Anderson in the late 1980s in to help struggling youth discover their "core gifts." Through this process, Anderson aims to transform lives so people can feel valuable to today's society.

This was certainly important to spread the message that people with and without disabilities,"bring value to our society and are also equally important contributors," said Jacque Daniel, president of ConnectAbility.

ConnectAbility was founded in 2001 by Daniel from her desire to work with people with disabilities. As the group has built relationships with people with developmental disabilities, the partnership with GCDD aims to help the organization expand its community outreach and develop community-based inclusive programs for people with and without disabilities.

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