Real Communities: Decatur Community Conversation

The Frazer Center, located in Atlanta, has spent its lifelong mission providing research-based education, vocational support and therapeutic intervention to children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families.  As many youth with developmental disabilities complete their secondary education, the options for what will come after high school is on the forefront of many parents' kitchen table discussions.

While the Frazer Center hosts a day program, GCDD's Real Communities Initiative (RCI) facilitated a community event to discuss the next steps to support young people, with and without disabilities and their families, to have work, volunteer and educational opportunities after high school. "Parents were concerned about what happens after high school," said Caitlin Childs, organizing director for RCI. "People want something different, and we want to feed off of the momentum to start making progress."

The Decatur Community Conversation was held on January 21 at the Decatur Recreation Center, providing space for the community to come together to start building conversations about transitioning out of high school. Approximately 15 people participated in creating a shared vision that leads to all young people having meaningful options to contribute their gifts and talents after high school.

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