Four Tips to Make Job Hunting Easier For People with Developmental Disabilities

Just in time for new graduates and Summer job seekers, we came across this great link with four job search tips for people with disabilities.   Each strategy is explained clearly and concisely with questions the job seeker should ask - of themselves, of agencies that offer employment assistance and of the potential employer.  Each of the four tips even gives a real life example of a job seeker with a disability who actually successfully used one of the four strategies:

#1: explore new opportunities - like reading new books, volunteering, and learning new skills

#2: make sure services meet your needs – when choosing an agency for job search assistance, ask a series of questions so you don’t waste time and get the help you most need

use personal job search strategies – such as networking to get help from family and friends, do your own research, and use more than one agency

take control of your job search – write a vision statement to clearly outline your goals, ask for input from others, learn what opportunities exist, and communicate with a school or employment counselor.

Please share your personal job hunting strategies and experiences by posting a comment to this blog.  Thanks to the Institute for Community Inclusion in Boston for posting these helpful tips.  Check them out in their entirety at