Moving Forward: Vol. 18, Issue 13

WRAP-UP EDITION: The 2013 General Assembly finished the session on March 28. Several important bills were passed this session, as well as the budgets for 2013A and 2014. FY 2014 Budget highlights: Several pieces of the Unlock the Waiting Lists! agenda came to fruition, including the addition of 20 Independent Care Waiver Program slots. The proposed 0.74% provider cut was eliminated. The Department of Justice-related funding for DD services is supported in full. Additionally, $100,000 was added for inclusive post-secondary education.

Bills passed this session include: HB 78, which deals with protections for adults with disabilities and seniors; HR 107 and SB 62, both of which create committees to examine Medicaid and possible reform; SB 24, which allows the Department of Community Health to assess a provider payment on hospitals that will help fund Medicaid; HB 242, the comprehensive overhaul of the juvenile justice system; and HB 142, the much-discussed ethics bill.

Remember: bills that did not pass will be alive next year. Much was accomplished this session, but there is a great deal for advocates left to do! Be sure you are signed up for GCDD's email lists to STAY CONNECTED throughout the year! Our connection information is in the bottom right corner of this page.

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