Moving Forward: Vol. 18, Issue 11

Home stretch! As we head into the final days of the legislative session, House and Senate members will be working in conference committee to create the
final version of the FY 2014 budget.

Some exciting news: $50,000 was added into the Senate Appropriations budget for housing subsidies that would support individuals with DD who want to live in homes of their own, and $100,000 was added to expand inclusive post-secondary education programs for students with ID. Earlier on the House side, 28 Independent Care Waiver Program slots were added.

Please contact your Representative and your Senator to thank them for their support, and ask for their continued support of these important and exciting budget items.

Another important budgetary item is the proposed 0.74% rate cut for home and community-based providers. The House removed this cut entirely; Senate Appropriations reduced the cut to 0.37%. Unlock the Waiting Lists! supports the removal of this cut and all the budget additions noted above. For further information on Unlock advocacy, go to

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