Moving Forward: Vol. 18, Issue 9

DAY 30, Crossover Day! Thursday, March 7th was the second — longest day of the legislative session, as both House and Senate strove to get bills passed out of their respective chambers. While the focus now shifts to those bills that did cross over, remember it is possible for a bill that did not make it to be attached to another piece of legislation that did cross over this year. Bills that did not make the Crossover Day cut will be alive for next year's session.

One bright spot among the bills that did cross over this year: HB 78, adding protections for adults with disabilities and elderly adults who are at risk of abuse or exploitation.

Earlier this week, the joint conference committee released its 2013A budget. Next week starts with House Appropriations Subcommittee meetings at which we should learn the recommendations for FY 2014.

This week, we review the joint conference committee's 2013A budget.

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