Moving Forward: Vol. 17, Issue 8

AMENDED BUDGET: The Fiscal year 2012 budget passed Senate Appropriations on Tuesday, February 21. Senate Appropriations differed from the House on several funding items, so after Senate approval, the budget goes to conference committee to work out the differences. One notable add by the Senate is to replace some of the TANF funds lost from the Children’s First Program, $1.2 million. The House continues to hold subcommittee meetings on the FY 2013 budget. Members of the Unlock Coalition are meeting regularly with House members on the 2013 budget, but we cannot make our case without the voices of advocates and families needing services. Legislators want to hear from their constituents! START CALLING OR WRITING YOUR LEGISLATORS ABOUT GETTING MORE WAIVERS IN THE FY 2013 BUDGET, particularly about the need for support for youth and aging caregivers. Two Bills of NOTE: HB 1146, Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency and Board, and SB 474, Transit Governance, both read first time yesterday.

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