Moving Forward: Vol. 17, Issue 10

DAY 30, Crossover Day! Wednesday was the 2nd longest day of the legislative session, as both Houses strive to get bills they want to keep alive passed out of their respective houses. On the back page, we have edited out the bills that have not crossed over.
The House passed the 2013 budget. The Health Appropriations Subcommittee (Butch Parrish, 156)added 50 ICWP waivers, and the Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee (Katie Dempsey, 13) committed BIPP funds to cover the annualizations of waivers awarded to youth aging out of DFCS.
The Senate Human Development Subcommittee on Appropriations heard the DBHDD, DHS, and Labor 2013 budget presentations Tuesday. We will work now to ensure that the Senate supports the changes that the House made. According to DCH, the application for the Balancing Incentive Payment Program was submitted this week, which would give Georgia a projected $19 million for HCBS.

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