Moving Forward: Vol. 17, Issue 11

Home Stretch! Wednesday March 14th was Day 33. Next week, the legislature is scheduled to be in Monday through Thursday, which will be Day 37, and then we’ll get an adjournment calendar for the rest of the session.
The Senate is working on the FY 2013 budget, and we have had conversations with our senators about keeping in the items that the House subcommittees on appropriations added in, namely the 50 ICWP waiver slots, and language about annualizing the waivers for youth transitioning out of DFCS. This week, please write and tell your Senator to keep those items as the budget moves forward.
The Taxi Bill, SB 373, was heard in committee this week, but not voted on. We are working with the City of Atlanta and others on issues with the bill. Stay tuned to the Keys to the Campaign for information on this piece of legislation.

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