Moving Forward: Vol. 17, Issue 3

BUDGET HEARINGS: Beginnning the day after Martin Luther King Remembrance Day, the Joint Committee on Appropriations began agency hearings on the state budget. The Governor opened up on Tuesday with a recap of his budget priorities delivered during the State of the State. By Thursday afternoon, the Committee had heard from all the state agencies except Labor and Public Health, as they have very few state dollars in their budget. A couple pieces of good news: the Rainy Day Fund Reserve has been replenished to the level of $328 million, and Georgia is one of only 8 states retaining a AAA Bond rating, which saves us millions in dollars in interest payments. Of concern is the continued reduction in state staff, per capita spending and lack of capacity in home and community-based services despite a population increase of well over $1 million people in the last decade. You can view the budget yourself at
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