Moving Forward: Vol. 17, Issue 2

WELCOME to the 2012 Legislative Session! The second year of the General Assembly began on Monday the 9th. The Governor delivered the State of the State Address the evening of the 10th to the Joint Session during prime time. His speech focused on the guiding stars for a growing Georgia: Education, Safety, Transportation, Infrastructure, Economic Development and Jobs. Georgia maintains its AAA Bond rating, and is rebuilding its rainy day fund. The Governor offered proposals for adding days to Pre K funding, maintaining HOPE at the current level, modifying the treatment of nonviolent offenders, developing a “GO BUILD” job development program, and funding 400 Medical residency slots, among other initiatives. We are still analyzing the budget, so stay tuned for more news. This issue presents the figures as released in the budget.

You can view the budget yourself at

Moving Forward: Volume 17, Issue 2 PDF File

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