Moving Forward, Vol. 16, Issue 13

Budget:  The Senate voted out the budget on Wednesday morning, and we are happy to report that all the adds from the House were retained; 33 ICWP slots in DCH, and $680,411 for new waivers in the BHDD budget. Other remaining differences will be conferenced this coming week.  The IDA Legislation, HB 226 passed the Senate on Monday, 52-0! Thanks to all our supporters! HB 229 and SB 245, the Medicaid Appeals and DD Definition bills will be worked on over the interim.  As of Wednesday evening, there had been no vote on Tax Reform legislation. Legislature will adjourn next week for Spring Break.  They’ll convene again on Tuesday, April 12th for Day 39, and Thursday, April 14th will be Sine Die! Moving Forward, Volume 16, Issue 13 Moving Forward, Volume 16, Issue 13, TEXT ONLY