Moving Forward, Vol. 16, Issue 12

Budget:  Senate Appropriations has it on the calendar to vote on the FY 2012 budget on Monday morning.  Adds made to the House budget were discussed in committee this past week, and we are hoping the Senate will find a way to retain them! IDA legislation will be on the Senate floor for a vote Monday!  The definition of developmental disabilities is receiving a great deal of attention and discussion.  Look for updates on this issue!  Calendar:  March 28th will be Day 34.  The General Assembly will meet all five days next week, making Friday April 1st Day 38.  They will adjourn the following week for Spring Break and the Masters Tournament.  Convene again on Tuesday, April 12th for Day 39, and Thursday, April 14th will be Sine Die! Moving Forward Volume 16, Issue 12 Moving Forward, Volume 16, Issue 12 TEXT ONLY