Moving Forward, Vol. 16, Issue 11

Crossover Day: A huge amount of legislation passed through House and Senate on the 30th Day of the session.  Legislation that did not get brought to either floor will remain in committee until next year when it can be brought up again to be acted upon. Senate started agency presentations on the FY 2012 budget this week. The Health and Human Services Appropriations committees heard from DCH and BHDD staff Thursday morning.  Senators are concerned about physician rate cuts, reductions to county boards of health among others.  BHDD gave an update on the closure of the state hospital supported the House's add for more waivers. Calendar: March 21st, 22nd, 23rd will be Days 31, 32, 33.  Monday, March 28th will be Day 34. Six legislative days are left to be scheduled.  House and Senate convene at 1PM on Monday. Moving Forward, Volume 16, Issue 11 Moving Forward, Volume 16, Issue 11 TEXT ONLY