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Media Briefing Unveils High School Student Leadership Program At Toccoa-Stevens County Chamber of Commerce April 16

Media Briefing Unveils High School Student Leadership Program At Toccoa-Stevens County Chamber of Commerce April 16

ATLANTA, GA. (April 8, 2008)—When young people have opportunities to work together towards common goals, the challenges and triumphs pave the way to lifetime friendships. This is one of many objectives of a new program that brings students with and without disabilities into a closer social network that prepares them for the future and leads to individual success. Participating High Schools help students gain skills through shared activities and learn to apply invaluable tools for planning the next stages of their lives. 

Partnerships For Success is an inclusive leadership program that is founded on the belief that a student’s ability to make important life decisions begins in high school. To that end the program is designed to break down barriers and develop partnerships between students, while preparing them to be self-directed.  According to program Coordinators Cindy Saylor and Colleen Lambert, students are enriched by the experiences, and they will have built a “strength based portfolio” to propel them beyond school and home.

Details on how to apply for the highly regarded Partnerships For Success program will be presented during a media round table luncheon briefing sponsored by the Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities (GCCD) and the Toccoa-Stevens County Chamber of Commerce, Wednesday, April 16, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, at 160 N. Alexander Street in Toccoa.

GCDD funds the program, already a success in Hall County, and is announcing expansion of the project to schools in the City of Gainesville during the 2008-2009 academic year. “Our [GCDD] hope is to spark community interest in the Toccoa area and increase the number of High Schools launching Partnerships For Success programs in Georgia,” GCDD executive director, Eric E. Jacobson, said.

In addition, this media round table luncheon briefing offers local news and public affairs media professionals an opportunity to update “The Missing Pages of Your Style Book,” a presentation on the latest People First Language recommendations, yet to be included in the Associated Press Stylebook.  People First Language is a way of writing for greater accuracy that reflects knowledge and respect for people with disabilities. News directors, editors and reporters will also connect with a rich source of ideas to incorporate into news features and lifestyle stories.

GCDD advocates for Georgians with developmental disabilities so they can live, learn, work, play and worship where and how they choose by engaging community and business leaders, lawmakers and the general public.

The Toccoa-Stevens media round table luncheon briefing is an important outreach component of GCDD’s official quarterly session.  
Media professionals are invited to contact GCDD directly at (404) 657-2122 to confirm their coverage of the April 16, media round table luncheon briefing.