Public Policy for the People: 8 January, 2018


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Volume 4, Issue 1 2018 Legislative Session January 8, 2018

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Hello fearless advocates,

It is day one of the Georgia General Assembly and that means Public Policy for the People is back! For our new readers, Public Policy for the People is GCDD's bi-monthly legislative e-newsletter. It will keep you up to date on the happenings of the Georgia General Assembly, how that might impact Georgians with disabilities, and what you can do to influence the process. We hope you will stick with us over the next three months as we embark on the civic adventure that is Georgia's state legislature.

Talk with you soon,
Your Public Policy Team

Keep Up-To-Date

  • Catch our weekly phone call, every Monday during session at 9:30 am. Dial in at 1-888-355-1249, Code: 232357. First call will occur January 16 on account of MLK Day.
  • Join our Advocacy Network
  • Read upcoming Public Policy for the People newsletters: 1/16, 1/29, 2/12, 2/26, 3/12, 3/26

Who are my state legislators?

Looking Ahead

2018 GCDD Advocacy Days

Jan 23: DD Waivers
Jan 31: Employment
Feb 14: Medicaid
Feb 22: Inclusive Post-Secondary Education
Feb 15: UNLOCK! Coalition
Mar 15: Medicaid

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Be in the Know: Rumblings Under the Gold Dome

What are GCDD's legislative priorities?

  • Increasing funding for DD Waivers so people can move off the NOW/COMP waiting list and receive the community-based supports they need
  • Prioritizing funded supports for competitive integrated employment opportunities
  • Ensuring level funding for Inclusive Post Secondary Education
  • Protecting Medicaid in Georgia
  • Removing barriers that result in children growing up in nursing facilities or private institutions

What is GCDD supporting?

  • Creating an Elder & Disabled Abuser Registry (CO-AGE Led)
  • Funding Aging & Disability Resource Centers (CO-AGE Led) - Click here for a quick Advocacy Ask!
  • Lowering the standard to prove intellectual disability in Georgia for capital punishment cases (P.A.P.E Coalition Led)
  • Furthering the UNLOCK! Coalition's Goals

What are my next advocacy steps?

Learn the Lingo

Bicameral: A fancy way of saying the Georgia General Assembly is made up of the House of Representatives & the Senate, as opposed to just having one.

Two Year Cycle: Every two years, the all members in the Georgia General Assembly run for re-election & all pending bills are wiped clean. We are in year two, which means that all bills introduced last year are still in play through the 2018 Session.

How does a bill become a law?

Other Days of Note:

Jan 8: First Day of Legislative Session
Jan 11: Healthcare Unscrambled with Georgians for a Healthy Future
Jan 15: March for Disability Rights in the MLK Day Jr Day Parade with disABILITY LINK
Jan 16: Champions for Children Day with Easter Seals
Jan 24: Autism Advocacy Day with Spectrum
Jan 25: Insights Policy Conference with Georgia Budget & Policy Institute
Jan 31: Champions for Children with Independent Living Georgia
Feb 7 & 8: Senior Week with CO-AGE
Feb 8: Independent Living Day with the Statewide Independent Living Council
Feb 15: ICM Day with the Interfaith Children's Movement
Feb 26: Justice Day with the Georgia Justice Project

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