CFI Declaration

A Declaration of a Child’s Right to Live in a Permanent, Loving Home
We, believe that all children have the right to grow up in permanent, loving homes.  We believe that all children can thrive in the community with the appropriate supports and encouragement.  Additionally, children have a right to be treated with dignity and respect.  We believe that no child should be subjected to segregation and congregation under the guise of treatment services.  Children should not grow up in institutions or nursing facilities.
There are over 10 children under the age of 22 in skilled nursing facilities in Georgia and other States (Alabama) and over 60 at a private institution in Valdosta.  These are children not living with their families and for those living in other states, parents must drive many miles for a short visit.  These children can live and should live at home.  We must eliminate the policy and financial barriers that exist so they can go home.
To safeguard the right that all children have to grow up in their communities, all Georgia children should be free from institutionalization and shall be afforded the supports to grow up in permanent, loving homes.
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