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For more information on the Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities and our work to influence the lives of those with developmental disabilities, please feel free to contact us.

2 Peachtree St. NW
Suite 26-246
Atlanta, GA 30303

404-657-2126 main
888-275-4233 toll free
404-657-2133 TDD
404-657-2132 fax


Staff Contact Information

Eric Jacobson, Executive Director

(404) 657-2120

Valerie Meadows Suber, Public Information Director, Making a Difference Editor-in-Chief

(404) 657-2122

Dawn Alford, Planning and Public Policy Development Specialist


Caitlin Childs, Organizing Director, Real Communities Initiative

(404) 657-2125

Lisa Eaves
Grants & Contracts Manager

404.657.2119 - See more at:

Cheri Pace, Organizing Coordinator, Real Communities Initiative

(404) 656-6593

Lisa Eaves, Grants & Contracts Manager


Jhai James, Public Information Associate / Social Media Coordinator

(404) 657-2121

Gary Childers, Chief Financial Officer

(404) 657-2128

Dottie Adams, Individual and Family Support Director (Part Time)

Kim Person-Hudson, Executive Assistant/Meeting Planner

(404) 657-2130

Planning and Public Policy Development Specialist(404) 657-2121

Eric Foss, Front Receptionist

(404) 657-2126