A Public Awareness Video Series, "Voices Beyond the Mirror" - Part 1

GCDD has created a series of public awareness video clips to mark the 40th Anniversary of the DD Bill of Rights Act of 1971 called “Voices Beyond the Mirror.” The video series provides a thoughtful look into the everyday realities of living with different types of disabilities.

Over the next 10 weeks, we will be doing blogs featuring the different participants who shared their personal reflections, struggles and triumphs in the video series. This first blog highlights the centerpiece video of the “Voices Beyond the Mirror” series and profiles three main stories from Eleanor Smith, Charlie Miller, Angad Sahgal and Aarti Sahgal.

Eleanor Smith is a woman in her 70s who remembers life without accessibility before the DD Act and the ADA. She also champions accessible homes and is the founder of Concrete Change

(In the aisle at the movies) “Sometimes they would tell you, we really don’t want you here because you are a fire hazard,” Eleanor Smith

Charlie Miller is a high school junior who excels in school and is active with his peers with and without
disabilities in his community.

“There is nothing that tells me, Charlie, you’re in a wheelchair and you can't do that.
You can’t do this,” Charlie Miller.

Angad Sahgal is a middle school student who enjoys karate, dreams of being a police officer and whose mother, Aarti, is a tireless disability advocate.

“There has been a lot that has happened, and yes, there has been some very good work that has been done, but I think a lot more can be done,” Aarti Sahgal.

Check out the video at www.youtube.com/georgiaddcouncil to learn more about Eleanor, Charlie, Angad and Aarti's struggles, triumphs and dreams. Don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Keep up with all of the news going on in Georgia’s disability community with GCDD.