Delta Gets $2M Fine – Tell Us Your Travel Experiences (Positive and Negative!)

Last week, Delta Airlines received a $2 million fine, the largest non-safety related penalty ever by the DOT, for violating rules protecting air travelers with disabilities.

Just over a year ago, GCDD explored accessible travel and tourism for people with disabilities at our 9th Annual Discovery Day.  You can read about that information exchange in Making A Difference Magazine (MAD) and learn all about what’s new for people with disabilities when they travel…who’s advocating for and effecting change, what progress had been made, and what’s still left to be done.  And how you can help.

We’d like to hear your thoughts because, according to that MAD article, 11 million people with disabilities spend $13.6 billion annually in the US on travel.   That’s a lot of revenue.  Much clout.  In Atlanta alone, according to a statement by The Shepherd Center, “Delta assists 1,900 to 2,700 passengers with disabilities per day, and the average number of complaints is only 1.5 to 1.8 per day (less than a tenth of a percent).  It’s our responsibility to make sure travel goes as smoothly as possible for every traveler.  That means responding quickly when a complaint letter is written, providing not only physical assistance, like wheelchair tracking systems, but educating transportation industry employees and offering assistive technology online and in airports, bus, and train stations."

Much is being done, but news like this gives us pause – and it should.  We must continue to stretch, advocate and make our voices heard.  Read Delta’s statement (This link is no longer active.) and see the improvements they’ve promised.  Collect data from sources, like Atlanta’s own Shepherd Center.  Educate yourself on what the players have to say, and post a comment here.  Let us know your travel stories…positive and negative….this robust information exchange will only improve travel experiences for everyone.